Navajo Handmade Horse Hair Pottery


Navajo horse hair Pottery. Artist is Kinlcheni of the Jay family of Montezuma Creek and Cajun Mesa,Utah on the Navajo (Dine) Indian Reservation(Dinetah). Each Pottery is made using all five scared elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. The horse hair is applied only by a Veteran warrior to honor the fallen war horses. Every Pottery is hand etched using traditional Navajo carving tools made from tree twigs, arrowheads, and yucca Spears. All designs are passed down from generation to generation from the Jay family’s maternal side. Each drawing resembles a story, ceremony, and prayer. All beings are Holy People, floral is the unity of a Family. Flowers are the Maternal Grandmothers, leaves are all the Grandchildren. Kinicheni means The Rainbow People or the Zia Pueblo People. Each piece is smudged with incense to ward off negativity and attract positivity.






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